Monday, September 17, 2007

Here I go again

Alone at last, free again. Someone has told me this a thousand times and I still cling to myself, ignoring the fact that the world turns and I don't. Somewhere there is someone, who I don't know, that will balance my life again. Is it someone I already know? Perhaps, but that chance is slim. Will I ruin the chance by inaction, likely, possibly. So now I sit in solitude, waiting for someone to rush to me, when it is I who should be in the rush.

A million days, a million hours, or some where in the middle. I stop. There is something in my dreams that may mean something, or it may mean nothing at all. Is it a future that I am waiting for? Is it precognitive ability showing itself again? I haven't had a precognitive dream in over a year, suppressed, perhaps? Who is the woman that grabbed my arm? Why was I asked about a football career?

Alas my shoulder still hurts and probably will for a few days. I will contemplate it all in time.


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