Sunday, December 11, 2005

Part 2

Part 2, Valerie:

This will be somewhat shorter, as I knew Val for a shorter time, but liked her for her. Now, Val and I worked together at Best Buy. The unfortunate part was that I worked in sales and she as a cashier. Ironically we worked at total opposite ends of the store. Val was one of the few people I liked talking to at work and she always seemed to flirt with me. I guess I always flirted too as I have been told I have a flirtatious personality, but is it really flirting if I dont know I am? I digress... She was a gymnist, which at the time, I had no idea of the posibilities that someone like that possessed even though I had seen her do some gymnastics in the store after we closed. She actually crawled into a box and stuffer her entire body into a tiny box once, I simply stood there stunned. Amazing. She was quite outgoing and I was equally outgoing, just not to her. We talked but the chickenshit I am I couldnt muster the words out to ask her out and thus I missed a grand opportunity for something that could have been.

I found out later through some people that claimed to know her in school that she was a total pothead, which confused me because I wouldnt have been able to tell. She was always coherent, seemed to know what she was doing, and didn't smoke... Really though, it doesnt matter to me, or to say it didn't matter to me. Val, if somehow you come accross this blog, leave me a note, let me buy you dinner sometime and we can catch up.


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