Wednesday, December 28, 2005

What me Flirt?

I was told by a girl I used to go out with that I have a flirtatious personality. I always thought this was untrue, but today I caught myself. I was at Chipotle getting dinner and the gal behind the counter was fairly attractive and the person in front of me made some comment and she said "Well I would rather be on a beach under the sun". She asked me what I wanted on my food and after telling her I said "Well, you do realize that you live in Minnesota." We had a pleasant talk holding up the line for a minute and she wished me a happy new year. As I walked out, I realized that most people would have considered that flirting, or somethin equivilant. Nothing I conciously do mind you, just something that comes naturally.

Now I really dont have an interest in her, although if the situation came about that there was something, I would give it a try, I just don't forsee myself with her, but somehow thats just what happens. Now if only I could get that same slickness when I am actially trying to flirt.


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