Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Sometimes I wonder if you even notice I am around. So secrative, yet unknowingly it appears. I will tell you before you leave, I have only 4 days. Well, I have 7 but you are only there 4. Do you care for me? I sit up at night and wonder, often. I think about what could be, nay should be. You captivate my mind, making it wander when it oft should not. The doors are closed, through the halls in my mind until I find one, slightly open with you inside. I peek through the keyhole and see you alone in the room and yet I hesitate to walk in, not knowing if you will accept me or see in me what I see in you.

I miss your laughter, your smile, your nature. You are like no one I have ever met and no one I will ever meet. Patience is a virtue, but I fear you may not wait for me. I vow to tell you how I feel, if at least for nothing else, for my own sanity and the hope that you'll think of me.


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