Sunday, December 11, 2005

On to the past

I figure this blog should be about my past as well as the present and the future. A way to log all the events of my life in addition to the ones that will log here. There will be a small seperate series here on my loves. Now there are a few things that I need to clarify here. When I say "Love" I cannot justify it as I didn't truly know the person well enough to love them. Lust is not appropriate as I did not lust after these people, so it very well could be considered a happy medium in between.

Part 1, Allison:

Allison was the first. There were some before her, but none that I had any working knowledge of and knew for more than a week or so. We called her Al for short, and she acted somewhat tomboyish, but not a lot. She was pretty, not like a supermodel, but in a more down to earth, girl next door kind of appeal. She was the star of a fair amount of my day dreams. It was something new to me, to persue a woman, that I did the traditional young mistakes. I knew through friends that she had a boyfriend, and I still tried. She was one of the few people who genuinly seemed to care which set her apart from anyone else I knew at the time. I gave her gifts for her birthday and christmas, I can't remember but I might have even given her something for valentines. I talked with her whenever I could and remembered every little detail about her so as to be there when the time was right.

The time never came though. One of my dearest friends and I actually fought a futal fight with each other about her. Neither admitting that we liked her, but putting the other down for it. Rather funny now that I think back, but none the less, either of us would have ended up as a better fit for her than the people she was with. You see, she didn't come back to school the next year, no one knew why at first. Then we found out that she had become pregnant, and the school (a private school) had told her not to come back. I was sad, but after seeing the baby, I knew she hadn't had sex with her boyfriend that I knew as the baby was quite white and her boyfriend was not. I don't know anything more, but her child is now 6 or 7. Al, if you read this, through some miracle of God, let me know as I cannot think of anyone I would like to get to know better in this world than you. Friends or more, it doesnt matter.


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