Sunday, November 20, 2005

Alrighty then

I am way off the mark tonight. I somehow dont know if I want to just do something to take my mind off things or if I just want to find a way do get out of the house.

My computer is rubble right now and I need to figure out some way to get this all together so I can just distance my mind from all the crap I need to figure out.

Let me share something. When I dream, I dream things that come true. Not always does it come true as I get that deja vu feeling I change what I am doing to prevent the future. Today I had one of those dreams that was real. I shall detail it here.

I am at a house, I dont know why but I seem to think that the house was blue even though I havent seen the outside, I only remember starting in a room. A girl is there, even though I never looked at her directly I know that she and I are connected in a relationship. She remarks that her parents are gone but she has to go out. I dont know why or where but I know it was going to be a for hours. I stayed to watch TV. I hear some noise from the front of the house and some calling. Her parents are home. She is not back yet so I decide I need to hide. I move to the corner of the room by the door so as to hide behind the door. The door opens and it pins me between the door and a dresser right there. It is the mother, she apparently doesnt notice that the door isn't opening the entire way, maybe because she is used to hitting the dresser there. She says something, I cant understand. She walks into the room and I get behind the dresser and pull the door to the dresser so as to shielf myself some more. I see her back but she never looks in my direction. I her something drop onto the floor and the mother partially closes the door as she leaves the room.

I move from my hiding spot and look, it is a basket of clothes and a pair of pants sitting on the floor that are womens pants, but not this girls size, possibly her mothers? I stick my head slightly out the door and look down the hall and see the parents standing there. I quickly duck my head back in. The TV still on I just watch TV until I hear someone coming down the hall. The father. I duck behind the door once more and make it all the way back. He comes in and starts searching her room. Never comes over to where I am and leaves saying something about how he thought he heard someone in there.

Stepping out from my spot one more time I notice a closet door and wonder why I hadn't hidden in there. I open it to find a small adjacent room with a couch or bed or something like that. The room is too small to fit a bed, maybe a small sized one or something like that. I get into the room, the TV is off now, the father had turned it off. I see in this room, a radio which has a tape in it. I hit the play button and it is the girl, talking about me. There are details but I can't recall them now. I dont hear her father come into the room and then to the closet where I am sitting. He sees me. A man I have never met before he greets me like he knows me. We talk and go into another part of the house. We eventually play a game of tennis. Her brother is there and plays with me. She gets home and sees us playing tennis, she didnt understand why her parents were home.

Then I woke up...I wish I could have stayed into it so I could understand more. This will happen sometime, I just need to watch for it.

The blue thing, now that I think about it is the glow from the TV, not the color of the house. It makes a little more sense


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